Cacao Beans Storage Instructions



In cacao beans, the ERH, or equilibrium relative humidity, is the moisture evaporated from inside stored cacao beans with the air surrounding the storage container. A high ERH caused by excessive moisture can lead to pest or mold problems. 


Cacao beans are very sensitive to changes in relative humidity because they are hygroscopic, which means that they actively absorb water from the air. 


The maximum moisture content of cacao beans required to secure safe storage is just 8.0% w/w. 

Here are some tips to keep your cacao beans free from pest and mold:

  • Refrigeration or freezing is not recommended, as it traps moisture.

  • They are best kept in a cool, dry location. Humidity control tools are optimal.

  • A well ventilated place is most recommended in humid climates.

  • Keep cacao beans away from potential contaminants and odors as they can uptake those too. 

  • Cacao beans should be off the floor and never touching the walls to avoid contact and/or contamination. 

  • Placing a mosquito mesh around the area where you keep the cacao beans is recommended to prevent moths or bugs from getting near the beans and laying eggs.