Join the #Cocoammunity

One of our missions is to encourage and promote small and craft businesses all over the world, that use ethically sourced and sustainable cacao.

In order to qualify, you need to use some cacao as an ingredient. You could be a craft chocolatier, brewery, soap maker, ice cream manufacturer, bakery, caterer, coffee shop, you name it!  

You must:

  •   Be a small business 
  •   Manufacture your own products
  •   Prove that your cacao is ethically sourced

If you'd like us to list your business among our # marketplace, please fill out the form below, and additionally include the following information in the Comments/Questions section:

  • What products you make
  • Country where the products are made
  • Your website
  • Physical Address
  • Origin of cacao 

We will follow up with your request and let you know if we need any additional information.